For generations, JSU has had a homecoming. It is a time for all of the members of the cocky nation to come back home, and see what’s been going on in the foothills of the Appalachians.

Where there is a home coming, there is a homecoming parade, and where there is a parade there are floats.

How do these floats even get here? Hours, blood, sweat, and tears are put into these chicken wire and toilet paper fortresses that are mobile.

Many of these floats are in a little known competition between the greek life of JSU that has been going on for, well as long as we’ve had a homecoming.

All greek organizations are paired together, and for one week put these masterpieces of pride together. The theme is always the same for all floats, and the group that does it the best based on the judges score wins a money prize, and even more importantly, bragging rights.

“The winning formula is basically getting the thing to move, and work just one good time so the judges can be impressed” said an unidentified member of Delta Chi. “It doesn’t hurt at all to have great background paintings and art work from the sororities, they make it all possible.”

Whether they can or cannot remains unseen, but one thing is for sure, everybody will be grinding it out all week to claim that money, and those all-important bragging rights. And what’s homecoming  without friendly competition.

Jason Katz
Special to the Chanticleer


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