JSU student reflects on his road to Frisco

The weekend began when my dad picked me up Thursday night. We drove halfway to Jackson, Mississippi and stayed the night. That following morning around 7 a.m., we left Jackson and made our way to Plano, Texas, where we would be staying with family.

One of the best parts about the trip was getting to see my cousins and my uncle, who I had not seen in several months. After we got there, we spent most of Friday hanging out with them.

Later Friday night after dinner, we went with other Gamecock fans to Jake’s Uptown Burgers to have a good time.

Jake’s was the only restaurant in the entire city of Frisco that displayed anything promoting JSU. It was disappointing to see every other restaurant, bar, and establishment in the area, only displaying North Dakota State Bison team flags.

The morning of the game, the feeling of excitement was absolutely unreal as I woke up early, made the 15-minute drive to the stadium, and came to the realization that my team was in the Football Championship Subdivision national championship game.

Watching the team walk into the stadium was incredible, and participating in the pre-game tailgate was a blast, along with walking into the stadium to see the end zone read Jacksonville State in bold red letters. Our seats were in section 115, row 14, seats five and 12 and 13; they were also dead center in the middle of bison territory.

As we looked around the stadium, the vast majority of the people were wearing a variety of different types of green and yellow.

It felt like being at an Atlanta Falcons home game against the Green Bay Packers. The major section of red was near the Jacksonville State end zone.

Everything leading up to kickoff was great, but then the game started. The in stadium announcer for the game also happened to be the bison’s in stadium announcer, as we later found out from several North Dakota State fans.

Before we knew it, we were facing a 24-0 deficit at halftime. All the faces of Gamecock fans everywhere throughout the stadium were speechless. As the second half got underway, we felt we had a chance after we scored and got the interception. Unfortunately, nothing ever came of those drives. Despite the odds at hand, we never stopped rooting.

Although almost everything about the game was disappointing, I will purchase my ticket for next year’s championship game very soon. Frisco, make sure to prepare yourself. The Gamecocks will be back next year. And we will win. Stay cocky.

Nathan Cavitt
Staff Reporter


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