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The Chanticleer is Jacksonville State University's student-run newspaper.

Viewpoints expressed in editorials are in no way a reflection upon the opinions of The Chanticleer, the JSU Department of Communication, or Jacksonville State University.

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Wide receiver Josh Barge catches a touchdown in Saturday's win against Tennessee State. #chanticleerjsu #jsufootball #gogamecocks #jsu The Jacksonville community gathers to watch the pep rally at Burgess-Snow Field on August 27. The pep rally was part of "Spirit on Mountain Street," an event designed to raise money for low income families.  #chanticleerjsu  #spiritonmountainstreet #jsu #jacksonvillealabama SGA members Ariel Tolson and Andrew York hand out funnel cakes and drinks at Cocky's Carnival on Monday, August 24 #jsu #chanticleerjsu  #jsusga
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Marie McBurnett Editor-in-Chief  Adam Higgins Associate Editor  Christina MacDonald Arts & Entertainment Editor  Marvel Robinson Sports Editor  Mike Stedham Staff Advisor

Adam Higgins, Associate Editor; Marie McBurnett, Editor-in-Chief; Christina MacDonald,Arts & Entertainment; Marvel Robinson, Sports Editor


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