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The Chanticleer is Jacksonville State University's student-run newspaper.

Viewpoints expressed in editorials are in no way a reflection upon the opinions of The Chanticleer, the JSU Department of Communication, or Jacksonville State University.

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Our VP of Students Affairs is ready to start #ChickenItChantyStyle, are you? Come by our table at Get on Board Day to take your picture and sign up to be a staff writer! 
#JSUChanticleer #GetonBoardDay The Chanticleer staff are sad to hear of the passing of Mr. James R. "Jim" Bennett, a former editor of this paper. Bennett is best known as the incumbent chairman of the JSU Board of Trustees and the former Alabama Secretary of State, but during the 1960-61 school year, he was the editor-in-chief of The Collegian and worked as a journalist prior to his career in politics. Thank you, Mr. Bennett, for your years of service to this school.

Photo: Former President Bill Meehan (left) and Jim Bennett (right) pose with Reuben Jacob Malone, the top graduate of JSU's December 2013 commencement. (Matt Reynolds/JSU) #MoveInDay2016 is only 3 days away! Do you have everything you need? Books? Backpack? Pens and pencils? Then you're all ready to start #ChickenItChantyStyle! Come by the #JSUChanticleer interest meeting on Aug. 29 to learn more and experience everything that your campus newspaper has to offer!!
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Meet Our Staff!
Marie McBurnett Editor-in-Chief  Adam Higgins Associate Editor  Christina MacDonald Arts & Entertainment Editor  Marvel Robinson Sports Editor  Mike Stedham Staff Advisor

Adam Higgins, Associate Editor; Marie McBurnett, Editor-in-Chief; Christina MacDonald,Arts & Entertainment; Marvel Robinson, Sports Editor


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