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The Chanticleer is Jacksonville State University's student-run newspaper.

Viewpoints expressed in editorials are in no way a reflection upon the opinions of The Chanticleer, the JSU Department of Communication, or Jacksonville State University.

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Do you enjoy writing? How about talking to people? Do like taking pictures? Are you a proud Theatre Geek, Band Nerd or diehard Gamecock sports fan? Well, we at The Chanticleer want to give you the chance to put your passions into print! Stop by our interest meeting on Aug. 29 to learn more about journalism at JSU, meet the editors, become a volunteer writer and enjoy free pizza!
#JSUChanticleer #ChickenItChantyStyle #PrintYourPassion I can't believe today was our LAST #GamecockOrientation of 2016!! Thank you to the awesome Chanticleer staff who helped put the #GamecockGuide together and man the table. Thank you Renee and Billy from #WLJS919 for all the laughs at the student media table, and thank you to all the students who came by and and picked up a Gamecock Guide or filled out a volunteer form! We can't wait to see you again this fall. 
Speaking of students, Bailey Heflin is a junior who was #ChickenItChantyStyle with us today! She's a computer science major and the current secretary for the Honors Program. Thanks for hanging out with us, Bailey! You look great on the front page!  #JSUChanticleer #JSUYesterdayTodayTomorrow The Chanty staff had so much fun at #GamecockOrientation2016 yesterday! We can't believe there's only ONE session left! This summer has flown by! If you haven't yet, be sure to come by on Tuesday to check out the student media table where YOU can sign up to be a staff writer or DJ for the #JSUChanticleer or #WLJS919! You can pick up a #GamecockGuide and start #ChickenItChantyStyle with JSU's student media!
#JSU #YesterdayTodayTomorrow
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Meet Our Staff!
Marie McBurnett Editor-in-Chief  Adam Higgins Associate Editor  Christina MacDonald Arts & Entertainment Editor  Marvel Robinson Sports Editor  Mike Stedham Staff Advisor

Adam Higgins, Associate Editor; Marie McBurnett, Editor-in-Chief; Christina MacDonald,Arts & Entertainment; Marvel Robinson, Sports Editor


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