Chanticleer survey: balloon releases unpopular at JSU

Katie Cline, Editor-in-Chief   On February 1, The Chanticleer published an opinion piece entitled “Please stop releasing balloons” and received an impressive response from the JSU community. Following the article’s publication, The Chanticleer published an online survey asking about opinions on balloon releases. One hundred people filled out the anonymous survey. Of those, 19.2 per cent of respondents indicated that they did not know that the … Continue reading Chanticleer survey: balloon releases unpopular at JSU

Please stop releasing balloons

*Warning: the following article contains sensitive pictures that may upset some readers.*  Katie Cline, Editor-in-Chief Every year, hundreds of well-meaning groups and organizations across the nation use balloon releases to honor lost loved ones, celebrate survivors and announce funds that have been raised. But sometimes these “well-meaning” gestures overshadow the bigger issue: balloons are bad for the environment, and our “celebrations” often damage an already … Continue reading Please stop releasing balloons