One last time: Editor-in-Chief Katie Cline says goodbye

Katie Cline, Editor-in-Chief I used to sit in my dad’s office and correct the Chanticleer with a red pen. In one issue, there was a jump line that said, “continued on page 2,” but the story wasn’t there. It just cut off in the middle of a sentence. I was appalled. That was in high school. I don’t know who the Chanty editor was then, and … Continue reading One last time: Editor-in-Chief Katie Cline says goodbye

Goodbye to “one of a Cline”

To the fearless Katie Cline, You have been the brightest light in the office since the first day I stepped into it. Full of witty humor and kindness, you took a new A&E girl in without a blink and made me feel welcome and, most importantly, home. I will never forget the openness that you ensured I was extended from day one. I remember leaving … Continue reading Goodbye to “one of a Cline”

Well, since you asked…

Katie Cline, Editor-in-Chief As part of a graduating senior exit survey, I was asked if JSU was the Friendliest Campus in the South. I chose the “disagree” option and was then given the opportunity to explain why. This is what I said: “I believe that (most of) the faculty and staff truly are the friendliest, most caring, intelligent, and involved of anyone at any university in … Continue reading Well, since you asked…

Former Chanticleer editor selected State Superintendent

Katie Cline, Editor-in-Chief Dr. Eric Mackey graduated from JSU in 1992 with a Bachelor’s in general science education, and, on April 20, the Alabama State Board of Education selected him as the State Superintendent. Mackey beat out Jefferson County superintendent, Dr. Craig Pouncey, by one vote. The third finalist, Dr. Kathy Murphy, the superintendent of Hoover City Schools, did not receive any votes. Mackey began his … Continue reading Former Chanticleer editor selected State Superintendent

JSU Drama has a lot to “give”

Katie Cline, Editor-in-Chief   The show must go on. That has been the attitude of the JSU Drama Department since the March 19 tornado devastated campus. The department’s home, Stone Center, was relatively unharmed by the winds and debris, but the building is still without phone and Internet access. Nevertheless, the students, faculty and staff have been hard at work putting together three performances for … Continue reading JSU Drama has a lot to “give”

When the chainsaws stop

Katie Cline, Editor-in-Chief Without the chainsaws roaring, the electrical trucks blocking the road and the safety vest-clad volunteers up the streets, Ninth Avenue almost looks like home again. Almost. If you drive down the avenue, you’ll find yourself enwalled on either side by piles of debris: tree branches and trunks, roofing, random scraps of metal and the like. Then you’ll notice that most of the … Continue reading When the chainsaws stop

Red Threads spreads Gamecock spirit with T-shirt sale

    Katie Cline, Editor-in-Chief   Red Threads Apparel presented JSU with a check for $35,000 on April 5. In the memo line, they wrote “students.” For owner and JSU alumnae Amado Ortiz, that’s what it was all about: the students. “There were other organizations doing good things [after the tornado],” Ortiz said. “The Methodist and Baptist Churches had both been doing fantastic jobs getting … Continue reading Red Threads spreads Gamecock spirit with T-shirt sale

Concerts for a cause: benefit concerts big and small bring in donations

Katie Cline, Editor-in-Chief “Take me back to Jacksonville / Drive me up Mountain Street / Lead me into old Paul Snow / And show me to my seat” are a few of the lyrics from Riley Green’s song “Bury Me in Dixie,” a tribute to his home state of Alabama and his hometown of Jacksonville. The country singer, 29, who signed a contract with Big … Continue reading Concerts for a cause: benefit concerts big and small bring in donations

It’s the little things

  Katie Cline, Editor-in-Chief In the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster, I fully believe that you get to witness the goodness of humanity. For one shining minute—or maybe a day or two—we remember what it means to love thy neighbor. But as those minutes turn to hours and days and, now, a week, something happens. Maybe the newness wears off. Maybe the power comes … Continue reading It’s the little things