When the chainsaws stop

Katie Cline, Editor-in-Chief Without the chainsaws roaring, the electrical trucks blocking the road and the safety vest-clad volunteers up the streets, Ninth Avenue almost looks like home again. Almost. If you drive down the avenue, you’ll find yourself enwalled on either side by piles of debris: tree branches and trunks, roofing, random scraps of metal and the like. Then you’ll notice that most of the … Continue reading When the chainsaws stop

Don’t be bullied by the YEET YEET trucks

Alissa Camplin, Arts and Entertainment Editor I have driven in a few major cities in the United States. Atlanta.  Chicago. New Orleans.  Heck, I’ll even throw in Birmingham for funsies. I’ve driven in feet of snow, the heat of day, in partial Jacksonville monsoons, and even watched a tornado pass in front of my car on April 27, 2011 when I was on my way to … Continue reading Don’t be bullied by the YEET YEET trucks

Please stop releasing balloons

*Warning: the following article contains sensitive pictures that may upset some readers.*  Katie Cline, Editor-in-Chief Every year, hundreds of well-meaning groups and organizations across the nation use balloon releases to honor lost loved ones, celebrate survivors and announce funds that have been raised. But sometimes these “well-meaning” gestures overshadow the bigger issue: balloons are bad for the environment, and our “celebrations” often damage an already … Continue reading Please stop releasing balloons

Mayes enters maze as Sports Editor

“Daniel Mayes, Sports Editor.” That has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? (You probably don’t think so, but I do) (And my mom probably does too) Every time I see it in print throughout this semester, I think I will be just as amazed as Future Daniel will be when he sees it for the first time. Since August 25, 2016, when my … Continue reading Mayes enters maze as Sports Editor

Meet Chris, The Chanticleer’s new Associate Editor

(Author Note: I’m not good as introductions, so bear with me.) Bonjour. Comment vas-tu? My name is Chris Allen Brown. But you can call me whatever you see fit — as long as we leave the Chris Brown jokes in 2009. To get the basic information out of the way first, I’m a 24-year-old senior Communications major from Jacksonville, Ala., but graduated from Weaver High … Continue reading Meet Chris, The Chanticleer’s new Associate Editor

Reflections of the Associate Editor

Rebekah Hawkins, Associate Editor 7 years. And no, it’s not the beginning of some twisted college movie where a videotape kills you, it’s more like a twisted college existence and the thing killing you is your degree. I’ve been in college for seven years. Two years in community college and five years at JSU to get one four-year degree, and I’ll be honest I’ve thought … Continue reading Reflections of the Associate Editor

Reflections of the Sports Editor

  Timothy Cash, Sports Editor When most people think about The Chanticleer they think it’s just another college newspaper. When I think about you, though, I think about so much more than that. To me, The Chanticleer means family. I worked that first semester with Marie, Adam Higgins and Katelyn “Bug” Schneider. Soon, graduation seasons led to Katie Cline, Alissa Camplin and Rebekah Hawkins becoming … Continue reading Reflections of the Sports Editor

Pictures on the Mantle: Memories of Thanksgiving

Rebekah Hawkins, Associate Editor There’s a lot of argument as to whether or not we transition too fast between Halloween and Christmas. And to be fair, there’s some merit in those statements. When Halloween has barely ended and I’m already hearing “Holly, Jolly Christmas” on the radio, or seeing Christmas trees gracing the Garden Center in Wal-Mart, maybe it IS too early for all that. … Continue reading Pictures on the Mantle: Memories of Thanksgiving